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Where do you begin?

Most land owners & farmers we visit want a consistent income that is not affected by the rise & fall of grain or livestock prices. Many also want to continue to manage & work their land, some do not, preferring to pass on the responsibility - this is achievable. Diversifying into equestrian can bring in an excellent regular income without a huge change in lifestyle. Horse owners need hay or haylage & want to graze their horses on the land so the land needs managing.

Horse & Hound reviewed a conference where our consultant was the keynote speaker, this was just after another farming crisis namely FMD, see their coverage below.

An increasing number of farmers are converting their facilities to take on liveries in the wake of the FMD crisis

There’s growing interest among farmers to find ways to attract liveries to their farms, a conference organised by the Royal Bath and West of England society was told.

Spokeswoman for the society, Rachel Taylor, said: “There’s definitely a market for it in this area, but farmers need to be aware of certain factors which could make the difference between success and failure.

“They need to do research to make sure their farms have access to bridleways, for example.

“And they need to be aware that opening a livery yard could mean they will need to grant liveries, friends and family access to their farms.”

Consultant for Britishhorse, a company which specialises in advising farmers on moving into the equestrian market, Roger Aldwinckle, said: “One of the common pitfalls is that some farmers go into it blindly without knowledge or advice

“Most farmers take a while to adapt but would not go back to only farming once they have experience the increased income.”

After our consultant had finished speaking he was able to answer questions & even arrange visits to assess the suitability of farms & land, a visit is vital because not all farms are suitable or set out to cater for the needs of horse owners but our British Horse consultant with over 30 years' experience knows instinctively this & can advise accordingly. He can discuss a variety of ways to secure a good regular income when offering the use of your facilities & land. Assistance can be simply a one off visit or we can help with the project going forward, we even have horse owners listed wanting livery facilities. Our consultant is normally on site for up to four hours & a detailed assessment will follow, our advice can highlight income potential & often save many tens of thousands of pounds. We have visited many  diversification projects that have been set up badly, it is important to seek help BEFORE spending money. Contact our office for more info, our consultant's cost is viewed by virtually all clients to be money well spent! Get the facts, make an informed choice.        

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