Farm Diversification & Equestrian Centre Profitability

Help for Land Owners, Farmers & Equestrian Centres

British Horse consultants have been advising land owners, farmers & equestrian centre owners for over 30 years where experience really is KEY!

In these ever changing times it is vital for land owners, farmers & equestrian centres to be constantly moving forward & planning ahead. Adverse weather, new trends & new lifestyles cannot be ignored. Most land owners & farmers are experiencing huge revenue fluctuations from year to year hence there has never been a better time to diversify & set plans in place to gain secure regular income whilst retaining a rural lifestyle. Major benefits arise when diversifying to equestrianism, just one would be an instant on site ready market for hay & straw but we cannot stress enough how any equestrian venture needs expert planning & setting up correctly if it is to succeed & avoid making early mistakes that could cause failure or at very minimum create huge unnecessary costs. For under £500 a British Horse consultant will visit, examine, discuss & advise on your venture.  

British Horse also has waiting clients for equestrian properties/facilities to buy & lease. 

Existing Equestrian Centres have also found our help invaluable in tackling issues, identifying extra income streams & increasing profitability.   

Our consultants have been regular keynote speakers at major venues, societies & conferences where hundreds of people attended to listen to sound, expert advice. One of those conferences was featured in the Horse & Hound back in 2002, a report is set below,

Farmers turn to liveries

Horse & Hound: 16 April 2002

An increasing number of farmers are converting their facilities to take on liveries in the wake of the FMD crisis

There’s growing interest among farmers to find ways to attract liveries to their farms, a conference organised by the Royal Bath and West of England society was told.
Spokeswoman for the society, Rachel Taylor, said: “There’s definitely a market for it in this area, but farmers need to be aware of certain factors which could make the difference between success and failure.

“They need to do research to make sure their farms have access to bridleways, for example.
“And they need to be aware that opening a livery yard could mean they will need to grant liveries’ friends and family access to their farms.”

Keynote speaker at the conference was an experienced equestrian business advisor.

Consultant for Britishhorse, a company which specialises in advising farmers on moving into the equestrian market, Roger Aldwinckle, said: “One of the common pitfalls is that some farmers go into it blindly without knowledge or advice. “Most farmers take a while to adapt but would not go back to only farming once they have experienced the increased income.”

Book your consultant’s visit & start moving forward. Please remember, an experienced consultant can guide you on ideal stabling numbers, layout, land acreage required, best practices, quality stabling requisites, fence types, services offered, pricing plans & lots more.

Cost is £490 for up to 3 hours on site including travel, pre-payment is required.